PR-01 Demulsifier


PR-01 Demulsifier can be used effectively for the demulsification of many different kinds of crude oil, so as to separate the oil and water and then remove the water.


1. Strong surface activity.

2. Good wetting ability.

3. Strong flocculation capacity.

4. Good coalescence effect.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance :     Light yellow liquid

Density(20℃),kg/m3 :   800-1000

Pour Point,℃ :  ≤-10

Package and Storage

1. Net weight is 180kg/barrel, galvanized drum .

2. Stored in a cool and dry place.

Using Method

It is recommended to add 75ppm demulsifier  and the desalting temperature is 110-130℃.The added point can be selected according to different situation,the purpose is to mix the agent and oil  uniformly.

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