No-silicon Defoamer


This defoamer is used for delayed coking unit. It can reduce the foam layer highness, extend coking time, decrease coke powder taken, protect exchanger and cold device and radial pump, put an end to catalyzer poisoning in the subsequent hydrogenation unit. It can also reduce coke powder sediment in the volatilization line and the fractionating tower so that to prolong safe production period.


    1.  No silicon element, harmless to catalyst of hydrogenation unit.

    2.  Less dosage, long using period, stable chemical compose.

    3.  Fast defoaming speed and lasting antifoaming nature.

    4.  No corrosion to metal.

Physical and Chemical Properties

DescriptionQuality parameters
AppearanceColorless or light yellow clear liquid
Density (20℃) kg/m3900-1100
Dynamic viscosity (40℃) mm2/sActual measured value
Freezing point, ºC ≤-10


    1. Add it to coking tower from the top. 

    2. Adding volume is about 80-100ppm.

    3. Added continuously by pump.


    1. Stored defoamer in cool and dry place,  kept away from fire, handled with care.

    2. Used according to actual condition.

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