Drag Reduction Agent for Crude oil Pipelines


Drag Reduction Agent is used for crude oil pipelinecan greatly reduce the friction pressure drop. it can be dissolved in crude oil of being delivered, and there is no condensation in the wall.


It has no bad effect on the physical properties of the crude oil in the transportation. The drag reduction function will not change when the pipeline is under normal delivery. However, after going through the main pump or other high shear area, the drag reduction function will decline.


Physical Properties

Appearance:   Off-white slurry

Specific Gravity (22°C) : 0.92 -0.96

Flash point :    >61°C

Solubility : soluble in crude oil, partially soluble in water.

Shelf Life:  > 6 months

Freezing point  : <-6°C



1. Higher maximum achievable drag reduction

2. High activity, low viscosity



It is injected into the pipeline by injection system.The system has high speed pump, flow meter and other testing instruments. It is Commonly injected on the downstream of the main pump, with the usual injection amount from2 ppm to 20 ppm. The Injection amount depends on throughput requirements, fluid property and the requirements of pipeline hydraulic.


Security and transport

This Drag Reduction Agent is a kind of combustible fluid. Must be stored in the container for transportation. Before handling, storage or use, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for guidance.

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