Anti-coking Improver for Delayed Coking Unit


The Anti-coking Improver is suitable for delayed coking device. It can increase the yield of gasoline and diesel, improve the activity of thermal cracking reaction, and improve the selectivity of delayed coking reaction by inhibiting free radical chain reaction, reducing dry gas generation, preventing aromatic condensation to reduce coke formation. 

Physical and Chemical Indicators

AppearanceYellow brown liquid
Density 20℃, kg/m3930-1100
Flash point ,℃, ≥50
Freezing Point, ℃, ≤-15


1. Good oil solubility and rapid miscibility with raw materials oil;

2. Filling conveniently without affecting the normal production of the plant and the product quality.

3. It can reduce the production of dry gas and coke, increase the yield of light oil, avoid coking and scale deposition;

When the injecting content is100 ppm, the total liquid yield is improved by more than 0.8%;When the injecting content is 300 ppm, the total liquid yield is improved by more than 1.8%, the temperature of heating furnace tube and pressure drop rising trend are controlled obviously. 

4. High thermal stability, non-volatile and indecompose at high temperature.

5. It has no side effects on subsequent working procedure.


Using method

1.Add the agent into the residue ( raw materials) with gear metering pump.

2.Adding amount is 100-300 ppm.

3.The agent is injected after residue leaves from the bottom of fractionator and before it enters radiant section of the furnace.


Packed in special galvanized iron drum, net weight is 180 kg/barrel.

Shelf Life

This Anti-coking Improver is stored for three years.


1. In the process of transportation, it should be discharged lightly, stored in tight, dry and cool places.

2. In the process of application, it should be added continuously based on calculating.

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